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Project Management and Controls

  • Schedule and conduct project meetings at which Owner, GC, and Project Team discuss procedures, progress, problems scheduling, phasing and coordination with ongoing operations and other issues relevant to the successful completion of the work.

  • Provide a detailed schedule for the operations of GC on the project, including realistic activity sequences and durations, allocations of labor and materials, processing of shop drawings and samples, and delivery of products requiring long lead time procurement.

  • Regularly monitor the schedule and safety as construction progresses.  Identify and report on potential variances between scheduled and probable competition dates.  Recommend to Owner and GC adjustments in the schedule to meet their required completion date.

  • Recommend course of action to Owner when requirements of any contracts are not being fulfilled.

  • Coordinate the periodic inspection by the architect and other necessary consultants on the work of the contractors.

  • Consult with and assist the architect regarding any questions from the contractor on the meaning and intent of the drawings or specifications.

  • Collaborate with the architect to establish and implement procedures for tracking and expediting the processing and approval of shop drawings, samples, and submittals.

  • Record the progress of the project and provide detailed report to the Owner.

  • Receive contractor shop drawings, product data and samples, and maintain a submittal log.

  • Monitor Architect/Engineer for timely responses.

Cost Tracking and Reporting

  • Manage the project budget and ensure that all project related costs are tracked in a timely/accurate manner and reported in regular updates.

  • Regularly monitor the anticipated final costs, showing actual costs for activities in progress and estimates for uncompleted tasks.  Identify variances in the budget or estimated costs.  Advise Owner when project costs are anticipated to exceed budget or estimates.

  • Meet with the Owner to provide executive level updates regarding project status.

  • Revise and refine the anticipated final construction costs, incorporating pending and approved changes, and potential exposures as they occur, and update forecasts as needed.

  • Develop, implement, and manage a system for review and processing of change orders.

  • Recommend necessary or desirable changes to Owner and the architect, review requests for changes, develop a recommendation, and assist in negotiating change orders.

  • Develop, implement, and manage a procedure for the review and processing of pay applications by contractors for progress and final payments.  Make recommendations for certification to Owner for payment.

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