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Project Closeout

Substantial Completion

  • Once substantial completion is achieved, we will direct the architect’s preparation of a punch list including incomplete, unsatisfactory, or no-conforming items that require competition/remedy prior to verification of substantial completion.

  • Following the architect’s certification of substantial completion, we will facilitate and monitor the contractor’s completion of and the architect’s review and approval of all punch list work.

  • Coordinate with Owner’s maintenance personnel and monitor the inspection of utilities, operating systems, and equipment for readiness.  Assist in initial start-up, testing and facilitate any required training of Owner’s maintenance personnel.

  • Oversee the commissioning matrix and manual.

Final Completion

  • Coordinate the architect’s determination of final completion and notify Owner and architect that the project is ready for final inspection.

  • Turn over all keys, manuals, record drawings and maintenance stocks to the Owner.  Assist contractors and architects in obtaining temporary certificates of occupancy.  Coordinate final payment and secure final lien releases and any other activities necessary to occupy the project.

  • Assist in regulatory inspections of the facilities with the appropriate state agencies.

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