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Marketing & Branding

  • Work with leadership to create and implement a marketing and branding plan to target the market and budtenders.


  • Review drawings to ensure that they adhere to the regulatory requirements set forth by the state legislature.

  • Work with operations team to create SOPs and create a compliant facility setup.

  • Assist with completion of state supplemental applications and exhibits.

  • Conduct mock inspection to address any deficiencies and risk factors before final inspection.

  • Prepare for final IDFPR inspection with minimal to no remediation activities.


         Work with leadership to create:

Staffing requirements

Job descriptions

Salary expectations


Background checks



Any requirements spelled out in the source application. and other HR requirements.


  • Work with leadership on developing a compliant and scalable technology stack.


  • Work with leadership to make sure it is compliant with a seed-to-sale solution to get products to market.

  • Ensure all insurance requirements are met.

  • Work with operations team to select POS system and payment solution providers.

Day One Readiness


Make sure all the boxes are checked to flip the switch and go live!

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