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Establishing and Documenting Project Requirements

  • Lead the development and documentation of the project requirements (key milestones, schedule and project strategy, site logistics requirements, quality standards, and target budget) to ensure that the entire team has complete understanding of both the short term and long-term objectives.

Managing the Design and Construction Teams

  • Review design documents during development for constructability, coordination, completeness, and value.

  • Provide value engineering suggestions to maintain the project budget to help reduce overall cost.

  • Analyze the project requirements and help develop preliminary site logistics and phasing plans

  • Develop any additional RFPs for General Contractors or consultants to may be needed for the project.  Provide a complete analysis of proposing contractors/consultant’s RFP responses.

  • Assist with the award of contracts and negotiation of appropriate terms in the agreement with the selected teams.

Project Management and Controls

  • Establish and implement the appropriate financial and administrative controls

  • Monitor the design process, ensure that all required program elements are included.  Assist in the sharing of information with any consultants.

  • Attend meetings as required for approvals and authorizations for the development, construction and operation of the project.

  • Work with the General Contractor to prepare a project schedule, incorporating pre-construction and proposed construction activities and the coordination of the Owner’s ongoing operations.

  • Provide the interface with the General Contractor and Owner’s operational personnel to plan work and safety execute the project.

  • Monitor the regular updates to the schedule based on impacts due to design changes, field conditions, and other related impacts.

  • Coordinate between the architect and the General contractor RFI questions and maintain RFI log.

Project Budget

  • Work with owner to prepare a master project budget including consultants, construction, FFE, IT, Security and other related costs and contingencies.

  • Modify and update the estimate through the design process.

  • Monitor and advise the owner of variances and available means to mitigate variances.  Advise owner on options with differing impacts and consequences.

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